Letters from Armenia

Tatev – 04/04/24

Dear Sponsor, 

I am the mother of Tatev who cannot write herself yet. I will be writing in her words. 

I was born on February 27, 2019. I used to live in Artsakh paradise. Even after my father was killed, I never imagined that we could abandon our country. Now, like all the other Artsakhtsis, we live in Armenia. Currently, we are in the city of Dilijan, in Armenia, and its nature resembles very much that of Artsakh. I ask my mom often why we left Artsakh and why we abandoned my father’s grave there. My mom gets frustrated, because she doesn’t have answers to those questions. 

On my father’s birthday, I was very sad and kept asking my mom who will be bringing flowers to his grave. I am sure he was upset that no one visited him. I want peace and I want to be able to bring flowers to my dad’s grave, and I want my country back, because all my memories of my father are there.  

Dear Sponsor, thank you for supporting us in these difficult times.