Letters from Armenia

Anna – 04/11/24

Dear Sponsor,

My name is Karine, and I am the mother of your sponsored child, Anna. Our family used to live in Artsakh, in the village of Aknaberd of Shahoumian region. Since my husband’s death in the war of 2020, my children and I lived with my parents in Artsakh. On those terrible days of September 19-20 of 2023, another war started, and at first my children and I escaped to an open airport field in Askeran region, where we stayed in tents for a week, hardly having something to eat. And then something that we never could have believed happened (losing Artsakh).

We came to Armenia, and we are currently renting an apartment in Ayntap village in Massis region of Armenia. In that little apartment there are many of us: my grandmother, my parents, my sisters, my brother and his family, and me with my three little children.

Thank you for all your good deeds. We are grateful for your support and care.

Karine (mother of Anna)