Armenian Feasts


Easter Sunday is followed by a period of fifty days (Hinoonk). This period from the Resurrection to Pentecost (Hokekaloost) is dedicated to the glorification of the Resurrection. Each of the seven Sundays of Hinoonk has a special name. This Sunday, April 14, is Green Sunday (Ganach Giragi), also called Sunday of the World Church (Ashkharhamadoor), that commemorates the establishment in Jerusalem of the first Christian church where Christ met with the Apostles in the upper room.

Green Sunday most probably originates in an ancient holiday celebrating spring. Our forefathers, seeing mother earth bloom after long winter months, glorified the Creator with an act of thanksgiving and celebrated by decorating the church and themselves with greenery. The reawakening of nature is symbolic of the Resurrection. Green is the color of life, freshness, and promise. After a barren winter and with the Resurrection we are filled with hope, life, and love.

Green Sunday is the perfect time for us to remember and strengthen our obligations as good stewards of the earth and caretakers of the gifts given to us by God.

You nations, made worthy to be called to give glory to Christ our God, come, sing to the Lord a new song, rejoice and praise his name with a new praise with the voice of Joy. O Christ, we who believe in you with true confession bless the mystery of your divine, life-giving economy glorifying your wonderful and awesome name, O Lord, Lord great over all the earth. Holy Church, bride initiated into the heavenly mystery, rejoice to the glory of the all-Holy Trinity who has adorned you with all its gifts and who is to crown you with glory the divine light with all his saints.

(Canon of Green Sunday, Sunday of the World Church, according to the Liturgical Canons of the Armenian Church)