His Holiness Catholicos Aram I presided over a solemn commemoration event marking the 109th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, during which he called for renewed vigilance against the pan-Turkic threat posed by Turkey and Azerbaijan. 

Organized by the three Armenian political parties in Lebanon —the Social Democrat Hunchakian Party, the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, and the Democratic Liberal Party (Ramgavar)— the event took place on the evening of April 23 at the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia in Antelias. 

The commemoration began with a torchlight procession, symbolizing remembrance and solidarity, from the Armenian neighborhood of Bourj Hammoud to the Holy See. In their speeches, representatives from the political parties stressed the significance of April 24 as a pivotal moment not only for remembrance but also as a rallying cry for justice.   

In his address, the Catholicos underscored the enduring importance of this day in the collective memory of Armenians worldwide. He stressed that April 24 serves as a reminder of the imperative to redouble efforts in the pursuit of justice for the atrocities committed against the Armenian people. His Holiness highlighted the persistent challenges posed by the denial of these crimes, particularly by Turkey and Azerbaijan, and their continued threats to Armenia. 

Urging steadfastness in the face of emerging threats, His Holiness cautioned against the dangers of new iterations of pan-Turanism and steadfastly rejected any negotiations that could compromise Armenia’s territorial integrity. He reiterated the imperative of rectifying historical injustices, advocating for the return of Artsakh to its rightful inhabitants and the liberation of Armenian political detainees and prisoners of war. 

Drawing attention to recent dismissive remarks by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the Armenian Genocide, His Holiness directly confronted Turkey’s negationism and emphasized the importance of unity between Armenia and the Diaspora. He issued a stern warning against any attempts to stifle Armenia’s sovereignty and stressed the necessity of rallying around values shared by Armenians around the world.   

His Holiness emphasized the sacred duty of honoring the memory of martyrs and the importance of preserving the legacy of Armenian resilience. He called upon all Armenians to stand united in the face of adversity, reaffirming their commitment to the enduring struggle for justice and national salvation.