Letters from Armenia

Mikael – 05/30/24

Dear Sponsor, 

I am Mikel’s mother. My son is six years old and doesn’t know how to read and write yet, and that is why I am writing to you. 

Mikael goes to kindergarten; he is a very dynamic and curious child, and he has many friends.  

My son draws really well and he goes to the dance classes in the afterschool program. He loves fairy tales and he loves playing soccer and following soccer games on TV. He knows all the soccer players. 

Mikael loves his sister very much and they always play together; they often argue as well, but they make up right away. 

He is very enthusiastic about going to school soon. 

My son’s biggest dream is to travel by plane. 

I hope that next letter will be written by Mikael and he will tell you more about himself.