Parish News


Sts. Vartanantz Armenian Church, of Ridgefield, New Jersey, marked a significant milestone on Sunday, May 19, celebrating its 65th anniversary. The day began with the Divine Liturgy that set a spiritual tone for the festivities, followed by a grand banquet that brought together parishioners, dignitaries, and community members. 

The MCs of the banquet were Jiro Mooradian and Nairy Diratsuian. Their engaging emceeing ensured a smooth flow of the program, which was filled with heartfelt speeches and presentations. 

Lynn Mahlebjian, speaking on behalf of the Board of Trustees, reflected on the church’s rich history and its pivotal role in the lives of its members. “Sts. Vartanantz has not only been a place of worship but a cornerstone of our community, fostering unity and cultural heritage,” Mahlebjian remarked.  

Representing the youth, R.J. Keshishian delivered an inspiring speech. 

A special tribute was paid to Gomidas Vartabed on his 155th birth anniversary. Siran Chorbajian’s musical performance, featuring compositions by Gomidas Vartabed, captivated the audience and highlighted the cultural richness of Armenian heritage. 

In a gesture of local support and recognition, Ridgefield Mayor Hugo Jimenez presented a proclamation honoring the church’s 65 years of service to the community. “Sts. Vartanantz has been a beacon of faith, culture, and community spirit,” said Mayor Jimenez. 

The event also recognized several individuals for their dedicated service to the church. Harout Takvorian, Hagop Tekeyan, and Gostan Charkhutian were awarded certificates of Archdeacon, acknowledging their significant contributions to the church’s spiritual life. Additionally, Boghos Minoyan, Hrair Baronian, Avedis Movsessian, and Vartevar Keshishian received certificates of merit for their service and commitment to the community in various capacities.  

Very Rev. Fr. Sahag Yemishian, Pastor, conveyed the well-wishes and blessings of His Eminence Archbishop Anoushavan, who was unable to attend due to surgery. Fr. Sahag underscored the Prelate’s congratulatory message, in which he emphasized the pivotal role of the church, acknowledging that Sts. Vartanantz Church has been the cornerstone of the Prelacy since its establishment.   

The 65th anniversary celebration was not just a reflection on the past but a hopeful look towards the future. As attendees enjoyed the banquet, the sense of community and shared purpose was profound, reaffirming the vital role of Sts. Vartanantz Church.