Letters from Armenia

Karina – 06/27/24

This letter is from Karina,* who is sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bedrosian. 

*We use only the first names of the children to protect their privacy. 

Dear Sponsor, 

This is Karina, youngest daughter of war hero Lentoush. I am 5 years old and go to kindergarten. For that reason, my mother Vardouhi is writing in my stead. This year, I will start going to school, I will learn all the letters, and will be able to write to you myself. 

I live in Ijevan. I like to participate in all my kindergarten’s recitals and play roles.  

I was very little when my father was killed in the war, but everyone tells me that I look just like him. Maybe one day I will become a police officer like my father and be as brave as he was. 

Thank you very much for not forgetting about us, and we appreciate it enormously!