Letters from Armenia

Susanna – 07/04/24

This letter is from Susanna,* who is sponsored by Sts. Vartanantz Sunday School, of Providence, RI.
*We use only the first names of the children to protect their privacy.

Dear Sponsor,

This is 7-year-old Sousanna. I go to Gyumri’s Khrimian Hayrik elementary school #41. I am in second grade and on the honor roll in school.

I am the older daughter of war hero Manvel. My father was killed in the 44-Day War. I live in Gyumri with my mom and sister.

I go to several after-school classes: dance, miniature painting, and Russian language. I am very grateful to you for being at our side in those difficult times and for helping us.

May God bless you and your family. I love you very much.