The Pillars of the Prelacy:

Stewards of the Armenian Church

The Pillars of the Prelacy is an annual-giving program that benefits the Prelacy’s mission of service to our community as a whole as well as on a local parish level.

Since the beginning of the Pillars program in 2003, nearly one million dollars has been raised. These funds have benefited our religious and Armenian education programs; the continuing education of our clergy; the recruiting of new clergy candidates, and the many other Prelacy programs such as the Datev Institute for teens, Siamanto Academy for high school students; Linked In Retreats for young adults; the Quarterly Forum Series for young professionals and the on-line course in Modern Western Armenian for everyone.

For centuries the Armenian Church has carried out its primary religious ministry, as well as its role as the guardian and perpetuator of Armenian culture, traditions, and values. The money raised by the Pillars sustains and expands the services and programs provided by the Prelacy.

Pillars donate a minimum of $1,000 per year. Many donate $2,500 and $5,000 per year, and some up to $10,000. The level of support is up to you.

Becoming a Pillar


Current Pillars of the Prelacy



Mr. Mardiros Abrimian

Dr. and Mrs. Sam & Annie Akmakjian

Rev. Fr.  & Yn. Sarkis & Maggy Aktavoukian

Mr. and Mrs. Karnig & Alice Alajajian

Mr. and Mrs. Hagop & Claudia Antranigian

Arch. Fr.  & Yn. Antranig & Arpineh Baljian

Rev. Fr.  & Yn. Stephan & Alice Baljian

Mr. and Mrs. James & Nayiri Baljian Bell

Drs. Carlo & Aurora Bayrakdarian

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. Bedrosian

Mr. Peter “Doc” Bedrosian

Mr. and Mrs. John & Barbara Berberian

Mr. and Mrs. Veh & Arpiné Bezdikian

Mr. and Mrs. Antranik & Marion Boudakian

Mr. and Mrs. Avedis & Houry Boyamian

Mrs. Tina Carolan

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph & Talene Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Vahe & Talyn Chaglasian

Dr. and Mrs. Ara & Talar Chalian

Mr. John Daghlian

Yn. Lucy Daghlian

Ms. Sonia Daghlian

Ms. Virginia Davies & Mr. Willard B. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Hagop & Silva Demirjian

Rev. Fr. & Yn. Mikael & Susana Der Kosrofian

Mr. and Mrs. Leon & Tamar Der Ohannessian

Mrs. Thelma Deravedisian

Mr. and Mrs. Leo & Mary Derderian

Mrs. Edma Dumanian

Hon. and Mrs. David & Susan Erickson

Ms. Mary Fermanian

Mr. Alan Goshgarian

Mr. and Mrs. Astor & Lucy Guzelian

Mr. and Mrs. Michael & Susan Guzelian

Miss Nancy Guzelian

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. & Susan Hagopian

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur & Lilian Hairabedian

Tamar Harutunian, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Hrant & Lenna Jamgochian

Ms. Karen M. Jehanian

Mr. and Mrs. Armen & Sossy Jeknavorian

Mrs. Makrouhi Kalayjian

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Aram & Marianne Kaloosdian

Mr. and Mrs. Stepan & Christine Kanarian

Kaprielian Family

Mr. and Mrs. Vartan & Haigoush Karakelian

Mr. and Mrs. Hagop & Stella Karamikian

Mr. and Mrs. John & Alice Karnikyan

Mr. and Mrs. Steven & Linda Kechejian

Mr. and Mrs. Vartivar & Maral Keshishian

Mr. Zak Keshishian

Rev. Fr.  & Yn. Hrant & Tamar Kevorkian

Mr. Robert (Bob) Khederian

Mr. and Mrs. Garo & Nancy Kholamian

Mr. and Mrs. Armen & Christine Kourkounian

Mr. and Mrs. Hagop & Ica Kouyoumdjian

Rev. Fr.  & Yn. Vahan & Maggie Kouyoumdjian

Drs. Arthur & Louiza Kubikian

Mr. and Mrs. John and Susan Kulungian

Mr. and Mrs. Raffi & Patricia Kuredjian

Ms. Shakay Kzirian

Dr. and Mrs. Dertad & Seta Manguikian

Dr. and Mrs. Hratch & Arshalous Manoukian

Mr. and Mrs. Jack & Christine Mardoian

Mrs. Mary Mardoian

Dr. and Mrs. Andre & Kristen Markarian

Mr. and Mrs. Noubar & Anie Megerian

Mrs. Sara Mouradjian

Miss Alice Movsesian

Mr. and Mrs. Sebooh & Michelle Nahabedian

Mr. and Mrs. Martin & Anig Nalbandian

Mrs. Seta Nalbandian

Rev. Fr.  & Yn. Kapriel & Debra Nazarian

Mr. and Mrs. Sarkis & Mary Ohanessian

Dr. Arsine Oshagan

Dr. and Mrs. Simon & Annie Ovanessian

Mrs. Iris Papazian

Ms. Margaret Papazian

Misses Mary & Dorothy Papazian

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher & Lisa Parnagian

Mr. and Mrs. Mark & Hasmig Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph & Ani Rafaelian

Mr. and Mrs. Henry & Seda Sahakian

Mr. and Mrs. Richard & Nora Sarajian

Mr. and Mrs. Sarkis & Rita Sarkisian

Dr. and Mrs. Aram & Seta Semerdjian

Mr. and Mrs. George & Doris Shamlian

Mr. and Mrs. Sarkis & Marie Jeanne Shirinian

Mr. Richard M. Stepanian, Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. John & Debra Takian, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Arshag & Takouhie Tarpinian

Mr. and Mrs. Mark & Nancy Tavitian

Mr. Kegham Tazian

Mr. Zohrab Tazian

Mr. Martin Tellalian

Dr. and Mrs. Vasken & Marilyn Tenekjian

Judge & Mrs. Sarkis & Ardemis Teshoian

Mr. and Mrs. Tro & Maral Turbendian

Mr. Allan Tutunjian

Mr. and Mrs. Leo & Elizabeth Vartanian

Mr. and Mrs. Peter & Irene Vosbikian

Dr. and Mrs. Pogos & Serpouhi Voskanian

Mrs. Nayda Voskerijian

Mrs. Joyce Yeremian

Mr. and Mrs. Noubar & Roubina Yeremian

Mr. and Mrs. Ramon & Sonia Zorabedian

Pillars in Memoriam