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Strong Faith, Stronger Communities and nation

For two millennia, the message of the Church has been the same. So, what is the secret for the enduring relevance of the Church’s message, which it has been repeating since Christ redeemed us all on the Cross? It’s simple. It’s the Truth and divine Love in action. And it comes from a higher place. Like a lighthouse on a cliff, the Church may stand alone and unchanged through storms and quiet nights alike, signaling dangers and showing the path to ports and havens as we transit through life.

And from our present quarters in New York, we at the Eastern Prelacy are still projecting onto our faithful the same Light that came to illuminate the world two thousand years ago. Strong faith means stronger communities and a stronger nation. 

That message is embodied through people- and communities-oriented programs. Visits to the parishes every weekend and meetings between the Executive Council and the Boards of Trustees have contributed to create a closer relationship and new ways of cooperation.

We celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Nerses the Great Charitable and Social Organization, which serves our brethren in need in our homeland. Still energized by the success of our 65th anniversary celebrations, let me briefly list here some of our latest achievements and what is ahead.

The Siamanto Academy closed another school year with an online program that stirred the curiosity of our students. After three years, the Teachers’ Training Program came to an end after giving our educators new techniques to deal with the challenges of Armenian education. The Salt and Light program also closed another year in various parishes, the same as the St. Gregory of Datev Summer Institute in Philadelphia. This summer, too, we have started an Internship Program.

All of this, while we are finalizing the plans to welcome His Holiness Catholicos Aram I for his pontifical visit to the Eastern United States, which will surely be the highlight of this year. 

My message, the message of our Church, will always be the same and yet, with all the wisdom these years have brought, please join me into moving together onto new horizons.


Archbishop Anoushavan Tanielian

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