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In his recent pontifical address, delivered on November 14, His Holiness Catholicos Aram I appealed to the Armenian people to “refuse the document signed by Armenia and Azerbaijan through the mediation of Russia, which clearly goes beyond a ceasefire agreement, and is full of uncertainties and ambiguities, as well as fraught with dangerous ramifications, and repercussions.”

After exalting our brave army that valiantly defended the land of Artsakh, he added “the war has not ended; thus, it is essential to be united, prudent and realistic—to be able to overcome the current crisis-ridden and complex period.” 

His Holiness also appealed to the citizens of Artsakh who have found refuge in Armenia to return home and reorganize their life. He emphasized “the imperative of international recognition of Artsakh—through the joint and organized efforts of Armenia and the Diaspora; and at this crucial juncture, to refrain from all personal interests and biased approaches, and consider the homeland’s common and supreme interests the driving force of our reflection and action.”

The Catholicos stated with firm determination that under no circumstances “the nation’s and homeland’s independence and safety, rights and dignity must be compromised by geopolitical interests and pan-Turkic projects.”

His Holiness highlighted the vital importance of examining “together issues of all-Armenian essence and scope.” At the same time, he underlined that “the will of the people must remain decisive in all circumstances, in all times and conditions—always guided by the principles and processes determined by the constitution.”

His Holiness concluded the pontifical address saying that “all of us, without exception, are accountable to the people and responsible before history. Armenianness and Armenia above all! Our lands and our sacred places above all! We must continue our struggle with this strong commitment.”