On Saturday, December 19, the students of the Siamanto Academy had the last class of the Armenian Music, Part I. For the last ten meetings, they enjoyed the warmth of Mr. Raffi Rachduni, a professional, hard-working, energetic and enthusiastic teacher.

In the second half of the last meeting, some of the students shared their impressions or heartfelt words. On this occasion, some also offered short performances either by singing or playing an instrument. The mood was jovial, yet at the same time emotional, altogether different from some reservation shown initially. In the end, they got in the mood. Below they share their feelings in their own words. You may read below their impressions in their own words, which we will be sharing regularly:

“I really liked this course because I’ve always been into Armenian music as my dad is a canon player, so learning where these songs came from it’s really cool and interesting for me.”

Karoon Krikorian


“What I liked about this course was that we got to learn a lot about different types of Armenian music. When I hear my dad playing Armenian Music, now I can tell what type of music it is.”

Armen Krikorian


“I enjoyed learning the different types of Music.”

Apollonia Karageozian

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