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Some people have already used the Latin phrase Annus Horribilis (“Horrible Year”) to characterize 2020, and we Armenians have plenty of reasons (and some more) to use it. We do not need to make a balance of the year, which may lead us to more disillusionment that has already accumulated in our collective psyche.

Instead, as survivors as we have been throughout our history, we need to gather our forces and come to realize, in Winston Churchill’s words, that “Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.”

It is time to found a new Armenia and a new Armenian nation. To do that, we have to focus  our reconstruction efforts on the future vision for our homeland. It is such a vision that guarantees the existence of Armenians all over the world as a community.

That means setting the goals for the rebirth of Armenia, with the joint efforts of the Armenians who live in the homeland and those who are in the Diaspora communities, contributing their knowledge and their resources to create a safe and peaceful country for the generations to come.

This must be our imperative for the love of those who made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the existence of our homeland.

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