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On Sunday, December 28, following the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, the churches of the Eastern Prelacy celebrated a particular ceremony dedicated to the order of the Deacons, on occasion of the feast of St. Stephen, First Deacon and First Martyr.

Deacons are visibly honored that day, when wearing the crown of the celebrant, offer incense at the altar and to the people.

The diaconate is one of the major orders of the Church according to the Bible (bishop, priest, deacon). There have been deacons in the Church and in history who, following the example of St. Stephen, have also played an important role in their life of service in other endeavors outside of the Church.

Along with the deacons, the choir has an important role in the liturgical life of the church, especially in the celebration of Divine Liturgy. In the name of the Religious and Executive Councils of the Prelacy, we express our high praise for the selfless service of our Deacons, Subdeacons, Altar Boys and Choirs, especially this year, during the full duration of the pandemic, when they bravely stood alongside the Pastors during the celebration of the Divine Liturgy not to deprive our faithful of their most vital spiritual nourishment.

May you all receive your reward from Him who is the embodiment of serving, our Lord Jesus Christ.

With fatherly warm greetings,



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