The Mourad Armenian Saturday School of Sts. Vartanantz began the school year on September 12, 2020. As for every school, the first day of classes was different from those of other years, but with the same enthusiasm. Despite the restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was possible to gather the students in the parking lot of the church for the first day of school and distribute the textbooks.

The teachers and school staff had met weeks before to organize the classes in view of the existing restrictions.

Now with 28 students, the Mourad School classes were exclusively online until October 31. Yet following state guidelines, the school adopted a hybrid teaching method, resuming face-to-face lessons for limited numbers of students at a time.

Students organized a fundraiser to support the Artskah war effort, collecting $4,230 that were donated to the Armenia Fund. Students were also taught history and geography of Artsakh as well as about its main attractions. They also sent messages expressing support and hope to Armenian soldiers and the people of Artsakh.

Not to completely omit the Christmas celebrations, separate groups of students gathered on December 12 and 19 to sing carols and exchange gifts. They also sent messages of support to the children of Artsakh.

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