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The Pastor and the Board of Trustees of St. Illuminator’s Cathedral have contributed a total of $12,500 to the “Heart to Heart” aid program for Artsakh Armenians since January, the Cathedral has announced. The donation was made in two tranches.

In January, they transferred $2,500 via the Eastern Prelacy in New York to the Nerses the Great offices in Yerevan for distribution, with fifty Artsakh families receiving $50 each. Then last Sunday, February 21, following Divine Liturgy, Rev. Fr. Mesrob Lakissian, Pastor, and Board Chairman Armen Morian presented a $10,000 check that will be donated to the same program.

Both Fr. Mesrob and Mr. Morian said this assistance was made possible by the unanimous decision of the Board and individual donations by parishioners, demonstrating their steadfast support for our brothers and sisters in the homeland.

Other parishes are expected to follow the example set by St. Illuminator’s in its commitment to the struggle of the Armenian nation for justice and peace in Artsakh.