His Holiness Catholicos Aram I had a conference call with the prelates of the Great House of Cilicia last Friday, Jan. 21.

During the two-hour online meeting, His Holiness briefed the prelates about the activities planned by the Catholicosate and its prelacies. The Catholicos stressed the need for practical initiatives related to his proclamation of 2022 as the “Year of the Diaspora.” He also spoke of the preparatory work for the Blessing of the Holy Chrism on July 1 and the General Assembly scheduled for Dec. 7-9. In addition to this, His Holiness offered reminders about Catholicosate-Prelacy relations and their cooperation.

On Monday, Jan. 24, His Holiness presided over a Brotherhood meeting at the Hall of the Catholicosal Residence, the Veharan. The Catholicos opened the meeting with remarks about the activities related to the “Year of the Diaspora” and the need to promote them.

On this occasion, His Holiness spoke about the Blessing of the Chrism and the General Assembly of the brotherhood to be held simultaneously, saying that they will contribute to reappraising the Church’s service and reorganizing the Diaspora. The Catholicos said that congregation members will form new committees to help attain these goals.

Towards the end of the gathering, the Catholicos announced new appointments. Archbishop Gomidas Ohanian was named Great Sacristan and Bishop Magar Achkarian was designated director of the Christian Education department.