Archbishop Anoushavan has directed all parishes to observe Remembrance Day for the Armenian Relief Society, offering requiem service for all deceased members and benefactors of the ARS this Sunday, February 27. Remembered specifically will be the founder of the ARS, Agnouni (Khatchadour Maloomian), on the occasion of the 107th anniversary of his death during the Armenian Genocide, and the following benefactors: George and Beatrice Lazarian, Levon and Sophia Hagopian, Karekin and Virginia Siroonian, Samuel and Agnes Yeremian, Araxie Proodian, Haiganoush Garabedian, Doris Norian Lentz, Alice Norian, Arpkes Kelerchian, Hagop Jacques and Pearl Mouradian, Alice Haigazian Berman, Genevieve Yekeshian, Yervant and Helen Terzian, Albert and Takouhi Begian, Giragos Vaporsiyan, Kourken Assaturian, Margaret Assaturian and Katherine P. Tayian.