The Armenian Church welcomed 19 new subdeacons and acolytes with an ordination ceremony that took place on Sunday, June 5 at St. Gregory the Illuminator’s Cathedral, in the Holy See in Antelias. Archbishop Nareg Alyemezian ordained the young men, with Rev. Fr. Yeghia Malkhassian serving as Patron of the Living.  

Archbishop Nareg expressed his filial gratitude to His Holiness Catholicos Aram I for granting him the opportunity to invite the 19 new ordinands to serve the Church. In his sermon, he referred to the feast of the day, the Pentecost, saying that the Holy Spirit came down upon the Apostles and the first believers when, disheartened and weakened, they had gathered in the Upper Room where Jesus had the last supper and had confirmed the mystery of the Holy Spirit. They heard a sound like the rush of a violent wind, the Holy Spirit came in and those who were present were strengthened with a new hope, were armed with valor and committed themselves to preach the word of Christ. Addressing the newly ordained acolytes and subdeacons, Archbishop Nareg said: “Today you received the privilege of service and it is that service that will form you, so that one day you may walk up the Holy Altar to fulfill your total dedication.” The Primate expressed his wish that the grace of the Holy Spirit may prepare the ordinands for their “complete service to the Armenian Church.”