His Holiness Catholicos Aram I issued a statement calling on the Armenian people in the homeland and all over the world to stand up to the renewed aggression launched by Azerbaijan, attacking Vardenis, Goris, Sotk, and Jermuk on Tuesday, Sept. 13. The unprovoked attack by Azerbaijan has left at least 105 soldiers dead and four civilians have been injured. The enemy also shelled houses and civilian infrastructure. We provide the full text of His Holiness’ statement below. 


Yes, all-Armenian and popular resistance against racist, bloodthirsty, and bellicose Azerbaijan. There is no other choice: 

When with the 4-day and 44-day wars and continuous attacks Azerbaijan tries to rob our people of their right to an independent and peaceful life; 

When Azerbaijan ignores international law in wartime and during a ceasefire, and makes use of inhumane and evil means; 

When it scorns political negotiations and tries to impose itself through the force of arms; 

When it tries to impose its views over the international community itself with its irresponsible approach, bellicose ways, and violent means… 

No, it is not possible to admit the ongoing crime of the present-day genocidaire who prides himself with innocent victims and war prisoners; 

No, it is not possible to admit the ambitions of Azerbaijan that threaten the territorial integrity and security of Armenia through the use of violent force; 

No, it is not possible to admit the irresponsible attitude of a state that hurts the dignity of our people through uncivilized means. 

In this critical situation that endangers the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Armenia, 

It is necessary to knock on the doors of all friendly and non-friendly countries, nearby and faraway leaders, regional or international organizations; 

It is necessary to pull off the veil of impunity from Azerbaijan through legal means; 

It is necessary to sound the bell of an all-Armenian and popular resistance along with the Armenian army. This is the fair right of our people. The collective resistance of a people called to maintain its existence, independence, and security is an indivisible part of their human rights. 

Azerbaijan must know that, beside Armenia and Artsakh, the Diaspora is before him, our entire people with its whole potential. Therefore, it cannot bend the collective will of our people. 

Azerbaijan must know that, according to the ancient dictum of our people, “he who does not listen to words, listens to a stick.” 

In fact, Azerbaijan does not want to understand the language of words in the present civilized world. Therefore, it is necessary to speak with the language of the stick, resorting to popular resistance with all means, in all realms and at all levels. 

It is necessary to resort to an all-Armenian resistance, consolidating our internal unity with a meeting of leaders of Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora as soon as possible, and the gathering of all the potential of our entire nation.