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Sunday, October 30, was a day of triple blessings for the parishioners of Saint Hagop Church of Racine, WI. His Eminence Archbishop Anoushavan, Prelate, celebrated the Divine Liturgy on the 88th anniversary of the church and ordained Paul Fronjian, Aram Buchaklian, and Haig Buchaklian as acolytes, while the church received the newly consecrated Holy Muron.

After the lunch prepared by the Ladies’ Guild, John Buchaklian, chairman of the Board of Trustees, welcomed the parishioners and presented a report about the church activities. A medley of Armenian songs was presented by the students of the Saturday and Sunday schools, directed by Nora Fronjian. Silva Karapetian, Raffi Karapetian, Ashod Vartanian, and Sarkis Buchaklian were granted certificates of merit by the Eastern Prelacy. Archpriest Fr. Daron Stepanian, Pastor, expressed his deep satisfaction about the service and support showed by the Board of Trustees and parishioners. Archbishop Anoushavan expressed his appreciation for the spirit of cooperation in the parish. He noted how the continuity of Armenian faith and identity, the resilience of hope, and the success of future endeavors were symbolized through the ordination of acolytes and the children performance.

Father Daron’s Bahbanich and the “Cilicia” song served as fitting closing for the 88th anniversary celebration of Saint Hagop Church.