Prelate's Message


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Last weekend, on the first Saturday following the Spring equinox, the Armenian community in New York and New Jersey Metro area enjoyed the spirit of renewal by attending a special cultural event organized by Hamazkayin Cultural Association with the cooperation of sister organizations ARS, Homenetmen, and AYF.

A multifaceted program was performed, including artists from Armenia and diaspora with dance groups of Hamazkayin from New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia, which brought the fresh spirit of the season. The name of this newly born Committee was very symbolic and powerful, REBIRTH, bringing us not only the message of Mother Nature but also reawakening and mobilizing our talents and vitality as a community, who survived the Covid era and now is marching forward with more experience and confidence.

While enjoying each and every item of this program, for a couple of minutes my imagination soared to Lebanon and Syria, the post-genocide cradles of our Nation, where our life on all levels was so inspiring and now, due to the geopolitical situation and the massive earthquake, it is going through an existential crisis.

While I was leaving the hall greatly contented, an inner whisper inspired by this wonderful event overwhelmed me. What if, like today’s coordination of organizations, a spirit of Rebirth blows and all our organizations, regardless of their differences, cooperate in the Homeland and the Diaspora? Surely, we would be able to overcome all challenges whether in Hayastan, Artsakh, Lebanon, Syria or in any part of the world, where Armenians celebrate Faith, Hope and Love.

With this reflection, once again I am most grateful to the Almighty Lord that with the cooperation of our Pastors and parishioners we were able to raise $103,497 for the Syrian Armenian Relief Fund.

May the Merciful and Compassionate Heavenly Father strengthen in us the bond of our identity as His children, to care for each other and to celebrate Life here and after.