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The “Let’s Chatseries, published by the Armenian National Education Committee, has been well-received by many readers, young and not so young, who are eager to have an accessible resource to help them learning Armenian. It is also used by various schools. The four booklets released so far are divided in thematic sections and feature many short dialogues about basic subjects of daily life. They include texts in Armenian, both in Armenian script and transliteration, and English translation, ensuring that they may even be used for self-teaching. The fourth booklet is devoted to Armenian celebrations, The fifth booklet in the series is currently in the preparation stage.  

“Let’s Chat 1,” released in 2016 and out of print, has been just reissued in a second, revised version with additional text. It is available from the Prelacy bookstore here [https://armenianprelacy.org/product/lets-chat-1/] or by writing to books@armenianprelacy.org. You may also call the bookstore at 212-689-7810. Copies of the other booklets in the series are also available.