Letters from Armenia

EMMA – 9/21/2023

Dear Sponsor, 


This is 17-year old Emma. I am in 12th grade in high school. I like to play guitar; music is my element and I can’t imagine my life without it. I am getting ready to apply to Yerevan State University. 

I would like to thank you with my whole heart, because we always must find time to stop and express gratitude to those who do kind deeds. With your actions you prove that helping people is, first of all, a necessity for you – your priority and your responsibility. 

With your help, you make our lives more colorful, and you give us hope and faith in the existence of kindhearted (oh yes) people in the world. 

I wish you strength and resolve to carry on with your mission of spreading kindness in the world and to inspire the new generations to continue your priceless help. 


Thank you. I received the $50 you have sent to me.