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Dear Brothers and Sisters, 

In response to the blockade of Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan’s genocidal plan, the Eastern Prelacy had organized the “Daily Bread Artsakh” charitable mission for our Artsakhtsi brothers and sisters, providing aid to hundreds of families every week. Given the sensitive and confidential nature of this project, it had not been officially announced.   

The exodus that started at the beginning of this week, unfortunately, is the continuation of that genocidal plan. The scale of the catastrophe undoubtedly calls for the urgent intervention of international and state organizations to provide material and humanitarian relief.  In any case, it is not possible to stand idle as our exiled fellow Armenians struggle to satisfy basic needs. We have therefore organized a fundraiser called “Together with Artsakh Armenians” to contribute our heartfelt share to their immediate needs.  

In the coming weeks, we will present clear work projects for the daily sustenance of people, housing security, and other indispensable needs.   

We again appeal to you to fulfill these projects. We are certain that, as always, you will respond with open hearts to our call and mitigate the immense pain of our Artsakh connationals, bringing a glimmer of hope to their darkened lives.   

With warm greetings and sadness,  


Prelate, Eastern United States

You can make your donations to the Eastern Prelacy fundraiser Together with Artsakh Armenians here.

To see the list of donations to the Daily Bread for Artsakh fundraiser, see here.

When donating online, please note that the company that handles the secure management of our website donations asks the donors to donate an extra amount for processing fees. This allows the Prelacy to receive the net amount of your gift without any charges. However, if the extra amount they suggest seems too high to you, please note that not only is the amount not a requirement, but there is a down arrow right next to the suggested amount. If you click on it, the drop-down menu will give you options for lesser amounts or even 0. You can always choose not to donate any extra amount.