Letters from Armenia

Milena – 03/07/24

Dear Sponsor,

This is Milena, from Artsakh. I am a student in a specialized medical high school, where I am in my third year. On September 19 at 11:05 am the wretched war started, when we were in school. My mom was at home, and my brother was serving at the border. In one day of war, we lost all hope and faith and a black cloud descended on our lives.

On September 25, we were forcibly displaced from our houses, and on the evening of September 27 we arrived in Yerevan.

We currently live in the Nor Aresh district and rent an apartment that costs 120,000 drams a month. Our apartment is in the basement, and our lives are miserable. It is difficult to adjust to this life. My mom works and hardly gains enough for our everyday needs. After my father’s death, we are not doing well financially.

We are very grateful to you and other kind people who care about us and respect our loss and our circumstances.

With love,