Letters from Armenia

Mané – 04/18/24

Dear Sponsor,

This is Mané, who is now in 7th grade, but not in my former Azatamartikneri School #1 in Chartar village, but in Yerevan’s N. Aghbalian middle school #19. Although it’s a new school, new teachers, and a new environment, I am still a straight A student.

My goals and dreams have drastically changed, I don’t dream about visiting New York anymore. Currently, all the roads of my dreams lead to the paradise of Artsakh. I dream about visiting one more time Amaras, Gandzasar, Ghazanchetsots, and Dadivank.

My longing has doubled because I now long for my fraternal house as well. I want to be one more time in our garden, pick the fruit, enjoy the fresh air…

My thoughts are a mess, and my emotions are overwhelming.

This time, I will just end my letter like this…

I am grateful to you and all the kind people, thanks to whom our hope has not extinguished yet.


Mané (12 years old)