Featured, Prelate's Message


History records the phrase that titles this piece, which describes the proximity and siege to Rome by the troops of Carthaginian general Hannibal, often used metaphorically for impending national catastrophe.  

Armenians in the homeland and the Diaspora are alarmed by the Armenian government’s negotiations to hand over parts of the region of Tavush on a silver platter to Azerbaijan on May 15, which will surely be followed by darker plans. This ensues the flight of the entire Armenian population of Artsakh in September 2023, left uncared for by the Armenian government after the notorious agreement that followed the 44-day war of 2020. 

In this context, the message delivered by His Holiness Catholicos Aram I on April 24, on the occasion of the 109th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, offers a wise and firm roadmap out of this nationwide disaster. 

The greater family of the Prelacy of Eastern United States, along with its communities and sister organizations, guided by His Holiness’s objective and far-sighted message, stands strong for the territorial integrity of Armenia, the return of Artsakh Armenians to their homeland, the release of the innocent prisoners from captivity in Azerbaijan, and the just rights of the Armenian people, under the banner of Justice, Peace and Prosperity. 



Prelate, Eastern United States