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A Legacy of Armenian Treasures: Testimony of People (hardcover)


Ani: World Architectural Heritage of a Medieval Armenian Cathedral, S. Peter Cowe (softcover)


Armenia Cradle of Civilization, David Marshall Lang (hardcover)


Armenian Gospel Iconography, The Tradition of the Glajor Gospel, Thomas Mathews & Avedis Sanjian (hardcover)


Armenian Miniatures from Isfahan, Sirarpie Der Nersessian and Arpag Mkhitarian (hardcover)


Armenian Miniatures from the Matenadaran Collection – 2009 (hardcover)


Arshag Fetvadjian: Masters and Treasures of Armenian Art, his life and work, about 88 paintings (hardcover)


Cinema of Armenia, Siranush Galstyan (softcover)


Katchaz: Paintings, Drawings, Monotypes


Kutahya Tiles and Pottery From The Armenian Cathedral of St. James, John Carswell and C.J.F. Dowsett (hardcover)


Out of My Great Sorrows: The Armenian Genocide and Artist Mary Zakarian, Allan Arpajian and Susan Arpajian Jolley (hardcover)


The Armenian Highland: Western Armenia and the First Armenian Republic of 1918, Matthew Karanian (hardcover)


The Armenians in the Ottoman Empire: An Anthology and a Photo History, Joseph E. Malikian (hardcover)


The Philatelic History of Armenia, Zareh Hovanesian (hardcover)


Yergir 2 Երկիր, Hrair Hawk Khatcherian (hardcover)