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Arak’el of Tabriz: Book of History, Introd. and annot. translation by George A. Bournoutian (hardcover)


Archbishop Sergius Hasan-Jalaliants, A History of the Land of Artsakh (softcover)


Armenia Cradle of Civilization, David Marshall Lang (hardcover)


Armenian Communities of Persia/Iran, History, Trade, Culture, edited by Richard G. Hovannissian (softcover)


Armenian Communities of the Northeastern Mediterranean – Musa Dagh – Dört-Yol – Kessab, Richrd G. Hovannisian (softcover)


Armenians and Turks, From War to Cold War to Diplomacy by Tatul Hakobyan (softcover)


Between Paris and Fresno։ Armenian Studies in Honor of Dickran Kouymjian, Barlow Der Mugrdechian, Editor (hardcover)


Deir-Zor: On the trail of the Armenian Genocide of 1915 (softcover)


From the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean: The Global Trade Networks of Armenia, Sebouh David Aslanian (hardcover)


Historical Atlas of Armenia, Includes 30 maps 174 color & monochrome photos with a CD-Rom of all the maps 12.5″ x 9″ 110 pages (softcover)


Humanity During War: Artsakh 2020, Ezras Tellalian (hardcover)


Kat՚oghikos Simeon of Erevan: “Jambr” Introd. & Annot. Transl. George A. Bournoutian (softcover)


Modern Armenia, People, Nation, State by George J. Libaridian (hardcover)


Respected Citizens: The History of Armenians in Singapore and Malaysia, Nadia H. Wright (softcover)


The 1823 Russian Survey of the Karabagh Province, Annot. translation and introd. by George A. Bournoutian (softcover)