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Imperialism, Racism and Development theories: The Construction of a Dominant Paradigm on Ottoman Armenians (softcover)


International Trade and the Armenian Merchants in the Seventeenth Century, Vahan Baibourtian (hardcover)


Israel’s Failed Response to the Armenian Genocide: Denial, State Deception, Truth Versus Politicization of History (paperback)


Kat’oghikos Esayi Hasan Jalaleants’: A Brief History of the Aghuank’Region Introd. and annot. translation by George A. Bournoutian (softcover)


Kat՚oghikos Simeon of Erevan: “Jambr” Introd. & Annot. Transl. George A. Bournoutian (softcover)


Legal Avenues for Armenian Genocide Reparations (softcover)


Letters from Syria 1921-1923: A Response to the Armenian Tragedy including stori


Like One Family: The Armenians of Syracuse (softcover)


Marsovan 1915: The Diaries of Bertha Morley


Memories of the Past (softcover)


Musa Dagh (hardcover)


My Father’s Journal: A Soliloquy


My Grandmother: A Memoir, Fethiye Cetin (hardcover)


Never to Die: A Historical Novel About Armenia and the Quest For Noah’s Ark, George Mouradian (softcover)


On the Right of Self-Determination of the Armenian People of Nagorno-Karabakh, Haig E. Asenbauer (softcover)