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Mirrors by Herand Markarian (softcover)


Mistletoe, Moussaka, and Murder, A Kebab Kitchen Mystery, Tina Kashian (softcover)


Never to Die: A Historical Novel About Armenia and the Quest For Noah’s Ark, George Mouradian (softcover)


On the Lamb, A Kebab Kitchen Mystery, Tina Kahsian (softcover)


One Feta In The Grave, A Kebab Kitchen Mystery, Tina Kashian (softcover)


Our Cross by M. Salpi (softcover)


Ozone Journal, Peter Balakian Winner of the Pulitzer Prize (softcover)


Passage to Ararat


Raffi – Sparks (softcover)


Selected Poems, Michael E. Stone (softcover)


Silent Angel, A Novella, Antonia Arslan (softcover)


Skylark Farm, a novel, Antonia Arslan (softcover)


So I Will Till The Ground, Poems by Gregory Djanikian (softcover)


Song of The Bread, Daniel Varuzhan, translated by Tatoul Sonentz (softcover)


Songs of Bread , Songs of Salt, Diana Der Hovanessian (softcover)