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Armenians in Bulgaria, Identity and Historical Memory, Takuhi Tavityan (softcover)


Armenian Communities of Persia/Iran, History, Trade, Culture, edited by Richard G. Hovannissian (softcover)


English-Armenian Armenian-English Dictionary, Mardiros Koushakian & Rev. Dicran Khantrouni (hardcover)


Between Paris and Fresno, Armenian Studies in Honor of Dickran Kouymjian, Barlow Der Mugrdechian, Editor (hardcover)


Warrant for Genocide, Key Elements of Turko-Armenian Conflict by Vahakn N. Dadrian (hardcover)


Ethnic Cleansing in Progress, War in Nagorno Karabakh, Caroline Cox and John Eibner, preface by Elena Bonner Sakharov (softcover)


Caucasus Chronicles Nation-Building and Diplomacy in Armenia 1993-1994, Leonidas T. Chrysanthopoulos (hardcover)


The Caucasian Knot, The History and Geo-Politics of Nagorno-Karabagh, Levon Chorbajian, Patrick Donabedian & Claude Mutafian (softcover)


Story of Near East Relief (1915-1930), James L. Barton (hardcover)


Armenia and The Near East, Fridtjof Nansen (hardcover)


From Empire to Republic, Turkish Nationalism & the Armenian Genocide, Taner Akcam (softcover)


Flavors With History (softcover)


Treasured Armenian Recipes (softcover)


The 40 Days of Lent, Alice Antreassian (softcover)


Come Into My Kitchen, Dorothy Arakelian (hardcover)