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The abject retreat of November 9 unfortunately continues every day, first turning over the 7+ districts of Artsakh and attributing the defeat to the corrupt governments of the past, and now, justifying the demarcation of the region of Syunik, in Armenia proper, according to Soviet maps. And tomorrow?

The prime minister elected by the people, who became the author of the “velvet revolution,” following the “velvet” agreement, which he has called “honorable and victorious,” entered the region of Syunik with corrupt hosannas, a detail of which was unfortunately captured by the cameras. He is now preparing a prosperous, velvet Armenia by means of a velvet diplomacy, being aware, or not, that the bloodthirsty hyena is always baying for the blood of new martyrs, while its petrodollars are buying, whether convincingly or not, the world into the argument that the criminal is the victim and the real victim, the criminal.

A village priest, intent on calling into awareness the protagonist of this historic fall, refused to shake hands with the pious prime minister who was entering the church, and showed him the door.

We will see what the future has in store for this humble priest following his action. These lines do not intend to justify the aforementioned priest, whom I have never met nor I think I will have the opportunity to, but I just want to remind everyone that History is not only the past, but also the present.

A pious monarch of the fourth century, Emperor Theodosius, the driving force of the second Ecumenical Council of Constantinople, is always remembered during the Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Church along with Kings Constantine and Tiridates. After causing the death of thousands of innocents to crush a rebellion in Thessalonica, when Theodosius wants to attend the celebrations of Christmas, the Bishop of Milan, Ambrose, bans his entry in the church, until he completes a period of penitential repentance. The monarch, who had every right to impose his will, humbly goes to the palace and, after a time of penitence, is welcomed with exultation by Bishop Ambrose and the people during Easter celebrations.

Since that day, there is the refrain that “when there are bishops like Ambrose, there will be emperors like Theodosius, and when there are emperors like Theodosius, there will be bishops like Ambrose.”

The Christian way is self-criticism and not self-justification, as Patriarch Cyril of Jerusalem said in the fourth century: “Be the judge of your own person, not the lawyer.”


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