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In alarming conditions, we welcome the New Year’s celebration. Armenian life is filled with despair and uncertainty. Armenia and Artsakh are surrounded by terrible dangers.  

Let us take a realistic look at Armenian life. History is repeating itself: Armenia has once again become an apple of discord, disputed by big powers. The enemy has besieged Artsakh. It is also present within the borders of Armenia, endangering Armenia’s territorial integrity. The same enemy is threatening to create such situations at any time, ignoring international law and humanitarian principles. Furthermore, Armenia is always exposed to a clash of geopolitical interests, as well as pressures to pursue political interests through military means. 

In fact, we have no real friends. We are alone. We have no national strategy. We have no unified front to face the nation’s problems. We only blame and fault each other. Victorious Artsakh has lost most of its liberated lands and is faced with an existential crisis. Armenia is also exposed to losing its sovereignty.  

What can we do in this situation with no way out, whom can we trust? The answer is clear, demonstrated by the rich experience of our long history and soaked in the blood of our martyrs: we must rely on own strength. This is the pillar of our greatness, the only road to our salvation. We have no alternative. 

In the 5th century AD, in one of the fateful periods of our history, the father of Armenian History, Movses Khorenatsi, offered a reminder that came from centuries past and that stands for the centuries to come. In his words, directed to our nation as well as the empires surrounding Armenia, he declared that although we are a small nation, our lives are filled with “feats of courage.” Indeed, our people, with “feats of courage”—in other words, with deep faith and a strong determination to shed blood for the nation—built up a strong homeland and defended it, despite the divisions imposed on us, the persecution, and the Genocide. Our long history attests to that. 

Therefore, let us wake up, Armenian people, we may lose another piece of historic Armenia.  

In the fateful circumstances of the present, more than ever, it is imperative and urgent to unite our nation around the values of our common ideals and the superior values of our nation, and to strengthen our national resolve, anchored in political vision and an assertive diplomacy. 

This a sublime hour for the renewal of the national covenant.   

Let us listen to the prayer of our saints, and the message of our forefathers and, being loyal to the sacred legacy of our past and present martyrs, let us unite. Let us unite, Armenia, Artsakh, and the Diaspora, for the salvation of Artsakh and in defense of Armenia’s independence. 

Today, the “feat of courage” of our nation must be unity above everything, pulling together all our potential and manpower and the reorganization of the Armenian army.  

On New Year’s Eve, an Armenian with Armenian blood in his veins cannot wish for anything else.  

May God hold fast to our nation and our mighty Armenia and Artsakh. 

May God open before our people the road to love and harmony, justice, and peace. 



January 1, 2023
Antelias, Lebanon