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David of Sassoun, Critical Studies on the Armenian Epic


Deacon’s Guide to Singing the Divine Liturgy


Dead Man’s Shadow, Collected Poems

$20.00 $16.00

Definitions and Divisions of Philosophy by David the Invincible Philosopher


Der Zor, 90th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide Pilgrimage to Der-Zor DVD

$12.00 $8.00

Derenik Demirjian: Book of Flowers Դերենիկ Դեմիրճեան։ Գիրք Ծաղկանց


Did You Know That..? A Collection of Armenian Sketches


Edge of Time


Enlightenment & Diaspora: The Armenian & Jewish Cases


Episodes of My Life


Ethics After Christendom, Toward an Ecclesial Christian Ethic


Fair Sun


Faith, Church, Mission – Essays for Renewal in the Armenian Church


Family of Shadows


Feasts of the Armenian Church and National Traditions