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About Time (Diana Der Hovanessian)


Another Song I Know (William Michaelian)


ARARAT, The Shooting Script (softcover)


Armenia Observed (Ara Baliozian, editor)


Armenia, Subartu and Sumer: The Indo-European Homeland and Ancient Mesopotamia (Martiros Kavoukjian)


Armenian-American Sketches (English translation)


As I See it : Selected Writings of Leo Sarkisian(softcover)


As Others See Us, The Armenian Image in Literature (hardcover)


As the Poppies Bloomed, Maral Boyadjian (softcover)


At The French Embassy in Sofia, Essays & Criticism, Peter Sourian (softcover)


Birthmark, A bilingual anthology of Armenian-American poetry


Coming to Terms, Selected Poems by Vahan Derian


Corridor, fictions by Michael Krekorian (softcover)


Critical Encounters: Literary Views & Reviews (softcover)


CrossRoads, Short Fiction by Armenian-American Writers (softcover)